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Maintenance Services

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Our Maintenance Services


For our based customer as well as for those just passing through, we offer a wide variety of services on a number of aircraft. From annual inspections, oil changes, tire changes, troubleshooting, compliance with the ADS-B mandate, to attending to aircraft that are AOG, our experienced staff will take care of you. All our mechanics and inspectors are on the FAA Drug Testing Program.

We work closely with Savvy for those customers that are signed up with their service. Work can be scheduled via email and signed electronically.

We also work closely with a number of engine, propeller and other service shops in order to best provide you with overhauls and replacements. 

Our current labor rate is $120/hr. for all labor, including avionics work. NOTE: our shop rate will increase to $130/hr. starting January 1st of 2020.

We have full-time staff dedicated to keep you up to speed on what is going on during the repair process and we strive for the highest customer service experience! 

ramp services

We offer services such as O2, nitrogen, pre-heat, battery jump, and aircraft re-location on the field. In the cold months, we highly recommend that you have us perform a pre-heat on your engine before you crank it up. Call us for prices and more information. 


We understand that airplanes sometimes decide to play up even on weekends or after we are closed.... We have a call-out service most weekends (UNICOM at KTRK can provide information when our office is closed). Leave us a message and we'll call you back as soon as we can! Our call out fee is $260, which includes the first hr of labor. 

cirrus service center

Sierra Aero is now an Authorized Cirrus Service Center and Parts Distributor. Our Cirrus factory trained staff can perform warranty work, annual inspections, and repairs to your Cirrus. We keep common parts in stock to minimize downtime. The same staff is also Cirrus Garmin trained and can help with software updates and other related maintenance. 

far 91.411 & 91.413 Transponder and pitot static system test

Sierra Aero LLC holds a FAA Limited Repair Station Certification,  CRS#: 5IER221D. We offer the following services under the repair station:

  • 24 Month 91.411 Transponder Certification (VFR):

  1. Transponder Certification: $120.00

  2. Transponder with altitude encoder/altimeter correction: $250.00*

      *Required for new installation or when the altitude encoder or altimeter have been replaced

  • 24 Month 91.411/91.413 Transponder and Pitot Static System Certification (IFR):

  1. Single Altimeter: $325.00*

  2. Dual Altimeter: $375.00*

  3. Triple Altimeter: $425.00*

     *Includes transponder, altimeter, static system, and altitude encoder data correspondence. Includes minor altimeter and encoder adjustments, other repairs extra. Prices may vary for some aircraft with access to components. 

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