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N5901G Cessna 172JT-A

N5901G Cessna 172JT-A

N9110H - Cessna 172M

N9110H - Cessna 172M

Our rental fleet consists of two Cessna 172's, a 2018 Cessna 172JT-A, and a 1975 172M (N9110H). Both aircraft are clean and presentable. N5301G is our newest addition, equipped with a Jet-A powered turbo diesel engine, G1000, autopilot and more! Here is a great article:

N9110H has the more traditional "6 pack steam gauges" , dual NAVCOM radios as well as DME. Engine monitoring is performed by a JPI EDM730 and a JPI FS450 fuel flow. There is no IFR certified GPS installed in 10H, however, an iPad is installed with current aviation databases.

Both aircraft are hangared year round and are equipped with electric engine heaters to ensure flawless, easy starts. At this time, the hourly rental cost is $150.00 per hour (Hobbs) for 10H and 01G. This is inclusive of fuel and oil. NOTE: rental rates are scheduled to be increased to $160.00 per hour on January 1st, 2020 due to increases in fuel, insurance etc.

A checkout is required for new renters with a local flight instructors (that is authorized by Sierra Aero LLC to perform check-out flights). It is recommended that the rental agreement be read before scheduling a check out. Call our office, or email us at to obtain a rental agreement for review and signatures. For N5901G, there is additional paperwork to sign before you can be considered fully checked out and added to the flight scheduling software.

Whilst the airplane is insured, we HIGHLY recommend that renters carry renters insurance in order to cover the deductible and other unforeseen costs in the event of a mishap as well as provide peace of mind. Renters insurance can be purchased through AOPA for a reasonable rate. If you are not an AOPA member, then we highly recommend that you become one at Ask us about a free 6 month membership.

The Cessna 172 has an excellent safety record. A safety report can be found here.

Once you are checked out (or has the sign off to solo) you can register for an account with our scheduling system here: